Arc welding is the fusion of two pieces of metal by an electric arc between the pieces being joined – the work pieces – and an electrode that is guided along the joint between the pieces. The electrode is either a rod that simply carries current between the tip and the work, or a rod or wire that melts and supplies filler metal to the joint.



At Pawel, we manufacture 30 types of electrodes to serve various phases of industry:


Mild Steel Electrodes; to be used in structural work, ship-building, steel pipes, tanks and to weld low alloy mild steels.
Hard Facing Electrodes; to be used for surfacing of rails, repairing manganese steel castings, dredger bucket lips, excavator teeth, reinforcing pulverisers, etc.
Special Electrodes; for welding machinable deposits on cast iron, bronze copper, monel and stainless steel.