The 1950’s were a time for building and reconstruction in Pakistan. Opportunities plenty, the CEO of Karachi Steam Navigation, Mr. Noorudin Tapal realized the demand for ‘locally manufactured arc welding electrodes’. Thereafter, he collaborated with Oerlikon-Switzerland to establish the first welding electrode factory in Pakistan, under the name: Pakistan Welding Electrodes (Pvt.) Limited (PAWEL)—Oerlikon, in 1952. The factory was set-up at S-I-T-E, the industrial hub of Karachi. As licensee of Oerlikon, Mr. Noorudin Tapal was able to import the latest Swiss and German technology and obtain the latest welding information and technical assistance.


In 1970, Mr. Amir Tapal joined his father’s business and continued to expand and established PAWEL—Oerlikon in the shipping, automobile, sugarcane and cement industries of Pakistan.


In 1998, PAWEL—Oerlikon completed its contractual obligations and acquired raw-material specs and welding electrode formulas. This allowed PAWEL to brand the same high standard electrodes under its own names; PAWELCITO, PAWELCORD.


Today, under an experienced and enterprising team, PAWEL stands for the same values with which it was established. Mr. Amir Tapal continues to update machinery and technical knowledge to keep up with the evolving local demands and global standards.